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Amistad Saga: Reflections

is postponed until further notice due to facility renovations.


REFLECTIONS: The Amistad Saga


The AACC's production of "The Amistad Saga: Reflections" will not be held as scheduled due to weather damage and normal wear of the facilities. The 2013 season will give way to repairs, renovations and planning for a bigger and better production. Watch for the 2014 announcement!.


The Saga The Amistad was the first civil rights case in America. The Amistad case tested the American judicial system of appeals and demonstrates the fundamental of the judiciary process. Seasonally, an outdoor Drama is presented to tell the story of the Amistad, and for tourists to view the mutiny scene of Cinque and the African Hostages.  


Reflecting the Mission The Amistad Saga is one of many projects the AACC has developed to present and preserve the history of African Americans.


Production Playwright Ann Hunt Smith and Consultant Mark Sumner along with the creative genius of Juanda Holley, Director; Chuck Davis,


Choreographer and Composer
Reggie Jeffries created and directed local artists and performers in the premier season(s). Under the consultation of Ann Hunt Smith, "The Amistad Saga: Reflections" is now directed by James House with the help of a host of other talented performers.


The Director - James A. House

James A. House, aka “House”, is a native of Mississippi. He moved to Las Vegas, Nevada at a young age. After completing 20 years of Military service with the U.S. Army, House attended the Lenz Talent Agency where he studied acting and television commercial training. House’s talents and acting abilities were noticed immediately. House's career took off and he performed in several shows throughout the Las Vegas area.




As he honed his acting skills, he moved on to perform in stage plays such as, You Can’t Take It With You, This and That, A Soldiers Play, No Place To be Somebody, A Few Good Men, and A Raisin In The Sun. In addition to performing in stage plays, House has appeared in several commercials and short films. Thereafter, House appeared as an extra in films such as Heat with Burt Reynolds and Over the Top with Sylvester Stallone. Additionally, House served as the voice for the unit Commander in the adult animated series War Dawgz.


Transitioned from acting to directing, House has directed one television show, Eastcoast Live TV, and served as Assistant Director on stage plays such as The Buddy Holly Story and Dark at the Top of the Stairs. In addition to starring roles, House also served as an assistant director on Independent films such as The Knight Watchmen, Divine Intervention, Hell of A Situation, and TAG. He has directed or served as Stage Manager on stage productions such as The Amistad Saga Reflections, Strong Woman, The Lost Generation,Spare The Rod Spoil The Child, Lord Why am I Still Single, A Man Sensitive to a Woman's Needs, and the hit gospel stage play Butterfly Wings Claudine's Story. In addition, James has directed four gospel music videos and two hip hop music videos.


During his illustrious career, House has worked with such artist as comedian J. Anthony Brown, actress Roz Ryan, actor Miguel A. Nunez Jr., actor Ernest "Raj" Thomas, Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Melvin Williams of the Williams Brothers, William Becton, Cynthia Jones, William Taylor, Actors Curtis Blake and Regina McCrary both from Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Terrell Carter from Meet The Browns, Evelyn Turentine Agee, Ann McCrary from B.E.T.’s Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Hour, Actors Reginald “Bro Man” Ballard and Michael Ralph from the Bernie Mac Show, Chris "The Mayor"Thomas, Comedian Grave Digger, Comedian James Stephens III, Comedian Pat Brown, Mike Brooks, Hurricane and UFC fighters Randy Couture and Forrest Griffin.


James A. House is a graduate of Central Texas College and currently continuing his education with Troy State Univ. He founded his 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, H.O.U.S.E. Theatre Arts Group August 2002. He is incorporated in the states of Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina.

"To God Be The Glory"