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Bang No More!

May 29, 2009

May 30, 2009




Amistad Saga: Reflections

July 16-19, 2009

July 23-26, 2009



When you tour the museum you will see evidence of a rich African American heritage. The museum has a broad range of collectibles shown during the tour, however, we wanted to highlight some of our more distinguished collections.

The National Education Association (NEA) Collection is significant because it marks the joining of the Black Teacher’s Association formerly called American Teacher’s Association and White Teacher’s Association (formerly called National Education Association) into one Teacher’s Association as it stands today. This merger set the stage for integrating the school system and the Brown v. Board of Education legislation.

The African-American Folk Music Collection is all by African-American artists. This collection of African- American folk music is important because it captures an important slice of the African-American struggle, empowerment, human rights and perseverance in the black community. This music forms the basis of much of the urban music today.





The Patrol Collection is a capture of regional history that is important nationally because of its context in documenting African-Americans in the police force and other regulatory bodies. The Patrol collection contains important photographs, uniforms, awards, news articles, professional work products (badges, cuffs, equip, speeches, etc) that cover the experiences of the first African-American Highway Patrol person in NC.


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