Dr. Prezell Robinson, Board Chairman

Dr. Prezell Robinson is a seasoned educator having served as President of St. Augustine's College in Raleigh for 36 years. Currently, he serves as President Emeritus and an Instructor of Anthropology. He is a visiting fellow at Harvard University and serves on the President's Committee for Race Relations. Prezell Robinson served in the US Army (World War II), earned a Masters of Arts Degree and a Doctorate from Cornell University in NY and holds eight Honorary Doctorates from universities in America and Africa. Prezell's administrative leadership experience, his service on numerous Boards and Task Forces, and his global travels greatly equip him fo rthe challenge of the AACC. He embarks upon the monumental task of heading up the museum's Capital Development Program.   prezell

Dr. Elliott B. Palmer, Sr., Ex-Officio Member and CEO

Dr. Palmer is founder of the AACC. He is a former teacher and principal, and retired as Associate Executive Director of the N.C. Association of Educators. Dr. Palmer has served under three U.S. Presidents and five N.C. Governors. His past involvement includes the N.C. Aquarium Society Board of Directors, Raleigh Arts Commission, and consultant to the N.C. Museum of History (Minority Affairs) Committee. He is also past president of the College Community Chorale Society. Palmer holds degrees in Administration and Social Studies. He is married to board member Juanita.   dr_palmer

Mrs. Juanita B. Palmer, Program Coordinator

Juanita Palmer is co-founder of the AACC. Mrs. Palmer is a retired primary and elementary school teacher of 33 years. Juanita received her Masters Degree from NC Central University in Durham, NC. Mrs. Palmer has expertise in lecturing and developing displays. She is responsible for scheduling tours, and assisting the director.   mrs_palmer

Ms. Rhonda Russell, Bookkeeper

Ms. Russell is an accountant by training and currently serves as accountant for the Autism Society of North Carolina; thus she is very familiar with accounting for nonprofit agencies. She will be a key person in maintaining accounting records and preparing the reports needed by the board for managing the affairs of the corporation and reporting to foundations and IRS.

Mr. William D. Brown

Mr. Brown is a retired Industrial Arts Educator. He volunteered his time to construct the amphitheater and the three exhibit houses, which now house the permanent exhibits. His knowledge about construction, planning, and environmental control will be especially useful in planning the physical development of the AACC.

Dr. Alice Garrett

Dr. Garrett is the Principal of Carroll Middle School in Raleigh, NC. She was previously an active service as an Educational Administrator, working with the NC State Department of Public Instruction. She is a holder of an EdD in Educational Leadership. Mrs. Garrett served as a Teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principle in secondary public schools and as an Adjunct Professor of Education at St. Augustine's College, Raleigh, NC. She also served on the Raleigh Arts Commission. Mrs. Garrett brings strong administrative and business skills to the Museum's Board.

Anthony Johnson

Dr. Kimberly Williams-Moore

Mrs. Margaret Rose Murray

Mrs. Murray is currently founder owner/operator of Vital Link Learning Center of Raleigh and Durham, NC. The Center is a private school with students from Pre-K through 9th grade. Mrs. Murray is also a Talk-Show Host for radio station WSHA-FM. She coordinates a tour to Africa, annually, called "A Visit to the Motherland". Her multiple civic and cultural community activities make her very influential in the community.

Mr. Carlton Nicholson

Carlton is an entrepreneur with a chain of Barber Shops. He owns rental houses and is a personal investor in stocks and securities. He brings business skills to the Board and an outstanding record of community respect and widespread contact. Currently, he serves on the Garner Road YMCA Board and is Chairperson of the Deacon Board a this church. He is a solid family man.

Mr. Douglas K. Palmer

Douglas is currently employed by Rex Healthcare as Assistant Director of Security. He was previously employed by the North Carolina Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer at the Women’s Prison in Raleigh. He has been recognized as Correctional Officer of the Year in 1998. He has served as Manager of Toys-R-Us store in Greensboro, NC. Mr. Palmer majored in Accounting and Industrial Technology at NC A&T State University, Greensboro, NC. His strong Business and Management education and experience is a great asset to the Board.